The workshop aims at bringing together specialists in Singularity Theory interested in Applications to geometry

and topology, as well as other researchers willing to use the Singularity Theory methods and techniques.

Moreover, the diffusion of these methods and techniques in actual research problems among lots of the young

researchers (postgraduate and postdoctoral students) is one of the goals of the workshop.

Topics of interest:

- Singularities of smooth maps and differential forms

- Differential geometry and singularities

- Lagrangian and Legendrian singularities

- Hyperplane arrangement

- Topology of real algebraic varieties

- Control theory and Hamilton systems

- Characteristic classes for singular spaces and maps

- Asymptotic behaviour around caustics and wavefronts

- Singular symplectic, contact and Poisson spaces

- Bifurcations of caustics and wavefronts

- Applications to computer vision and image analysis

- Applications to physical systems and control theory